Marijuana Delivery Surrey

Marijuana Delivery Surrey

Marijuana Delivery SurreyMarijuana Delivery SurreyMarijuana Delivery Surrey

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Highest Potency Cannabis Only

10:00 A - 7:00 P

Photo I.D. Required 21+

1/4 Minimum in all Areas $80.00

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For The Body and Mind

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Simply The Best Available:

 -We only Carry the Highest Quality/Potency Strains Available. Often Paying 70 percent more than our competition yet selling at an Average Price. 

-What does all the bragging mean ? Minimum 26% THC (Usually closer to 30). Must have Major Contest winning Genetics. THC Content is Lab Tested and verified by our Growers.

- We are not in this for quick profit. We are here to build trust, long term. We have Access to 70 to 80 Strains any day of the week. We Choose Between 6 and 10. We only smoke the best and we only sell the best.